Individual Counselling

There are many reasons that individuals decide to come to counselling, among them: anxiety, depression; problems with or changes to relationships; managing changing life circumstances, such as illness; grief and loss; gambling or other addiction issues; stress or sleep disturbances to name a few.

When you come to counselling we establish what is going on for you and work together to achieve positive change in your life

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Relationship Therapy

Couples look for counselling when they realise that, far from feeling their best together they are wondering if the relationship will survive. 

Couples' counselling can help you learn to communicate in more effective ways and find ways to bridge gaps and change interaction patterns between you; while strengthening your ability to confront difficulty constructively in order to experience connection again.

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What is Involved?

An individual session lasts for 50 minutes and an initial session with a couple is usually 80 minutes.

The initial session helps you get a feel for the process and together we can discuss what you hope to gain from your counselling experience and your expectations and goals.


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